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We create custom-made scores to support the story, character and emotions of a films, series or games. We have substantial experience working with directors and musicians throughout our careers. Just to name a few references to our scores: Tatort, Saint Maik, Schloss Einstein, You are Wanted.

We are classically- and jazz-trained multi-instrumentalists and combine our skills to deliver unique music in diverse styles for various applications (TV, film, art projects, theatre, installations).
We can create original music to a brief including sound-alikes from references to existing songs for advertising, branding or corporate videos.
Furthermore, we collaborate with pop music performers for their album productions from writing through arrangement/programming and recording/mixing to mastering.


Bring your musical ideas to life with an epic orchestral sound. Our orchestrators can work with you from your manuscript or MIDI files to tailor your composition for any orchestral or chamber music ensemble. For an efficient use of your studio or rehearsal time, you need material that is easy to read and interpret by the players. We have years of experience in delivering quality notational material for use in recording sessions or live concerts.

Every song has its own evolution: a piano improvisation, a walk in the forest, a visit to an art exhibition – or a co-writing session with experienced authors and producers.
The songwriters of track15 provide both the creative input for catchy melodies and poetic lyrics. We have honed our songwriting craft to create a song from the theme, melody or text, all the while keeping the arrangement and production in mind. Our genres range from pop music, crossover, jazz and chamber pop to electronic sounds.
Some of our production partners for songs include: Universal Production Music, Warner/Chappell, BMG and Sonoton and we produce songs closely related to the current music market trends.


From the first musical concept to the premiere, the composers of track15 have participated in numerous theatre productions.
Our responsibilities include musical conception, composition/arrangement, recording/mixing/producing for musical inserts (including Ableton sessions), live music and ensemble direction.
In this context we have collaborated with Schauspiel Hamburg, Schauspiel Köln, Staatstheater Braunschweig, Theater Wien , Staatstheater Saarbrücken, Schauspiel Düsseldorf and Theater Lüneburg.

How often do you sit in hybrid productions and lack the real instrument that brings the sound to life and sets it apart from the purely digital productions?
As trained instrumentalists in classical as well as jazz and pop music, the composers are also active as studio musicians to make live recordings or hybrid productions something special.
The catalogue of instruments ranges from woodwinds (saxophone, clarinet, flute) to piano and vocals (languages: German, English, Arabic) to Asian instruments (Yangqin and Guzheng). We use our extensive network to be able to offer the right recording for the production. We also have a large network of studio musicians to form string and/or brass ensembles or rock/pop bands.

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